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Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Chris Samnee

The world finds out about the new Spider-Man! The Scorpion comes to New York! Uncle Aaron finds out a secret about Miles...

Story: Jonathan Hickman
Art: Esad Ribic

"Two Cities, Two Worlds" - part 1

The Ultimates deal with the fallout of the new world! An old friend returns! Can Nick Fury pick up the pieces of his broken team?

Story: Nick Spencer
Art: Carlo Barberi

Pietro struggles with the aftermath of Stryker’s attack on New York. The Scarlet Witch returns... with a warning. Who is really hiding in Egypt?

Story: Nick Spencer
Art: Carlo Barberi

Welcome to the SEAR: Home of The People, and the last best hope for Mutantkind. Karen Grant, Liz Allen, and Derek Morgan - Ultimate X - try to navigate their way through a strange new world. Nick Fury's covert mutant strategy comes back to haunt him.