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Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: David Marquez

"United We Stand" - part 4

The world is at war and Miles Morales is miles from home! Miles has joined the Ultimates but that decision may have cost him his family. Our young super hero has to make some big decisions and he has to make them now! Guest-starring the Ultimates!

Story: Nathan Edmondson
Art: Matteo Buffagni

"Demon In The Armor" - part 3

Tony and Rhodey against a sky full of Stark drones! What secret lies in Howard Stark's past, and what does Tony know about it? Iron Man comes face to face with The Mandarin!

Story: Sam Humphries
Art: Dale Eaglesham

Can America recover after the dramatic events of United We Stand? President Cap takes charge! Thor's momentous decision!

Story: Sam Humphries
Art: Scot Eaton

"Reconstruction" - part 1: "Any Given Sunday"

Can the United States ever be truly reunited? President Cap comes face to face with a painful reality! The debut of the Iron Patriot!

Story: Brian Wood
Art: Carlo Barberi

"Reservation X" - part 2

Storm helps teraform the reservation. Rogue gets an unexpected visitor. Mach Two's play for power takes a new turn.