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Ultimate Fantastic Four #57

Story: Mike Carey
Art: Tyler Kirkham

The final smackdown with Ultimate Salem's Seven! The shocking secret of Agatha Harkness! The rage of Prince Namor, the Ultimate Sub-Mariner! All this and more in the explosive conclusion!
Ultimate Iron Man 2 #5

Story: Orson Scott Card
Art: Pasqual Ferry, Leonardo Manco

This is it, the conspiracy-exposing, jaw-jacking conclusion to the never-before-revealed early days of Ultimate Iron Man! Who is behind the plot to ruin Stark Enterprises? Why does this person want Tony's father dead? And can our young hero find it within himself to stop them? Be there as award-winning author Orson Scott Card and trail-blazing artist Pasqual Ferry wrap it all up in a shiny metal bow!
Ultimate Origins #3

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Butch Guice

Wolverine...Nick Fury...Captain America...Magneto & Professor are they all connected? Witness the first meeting between Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men, and Eric Lehnsherr, the mutant who will come to be known as Magneto! From the muddy battle fields of World War II to the steaming shadows of the Savage Land, a shocking story that finally reveals the buried truths of the Ultimate Universe!
Ultimate Spider-Man #125

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Stuart Immonen

"War Of The Symbiotes" - part 3

The War of the Symbiotes rages on -- and the next victim may be Spider-Man himself! The high-flying Beetle has sliced off a tentacle of the slavering symbiote called Venom -- but what does he want with it? Howling in pain, Venom gives chase to his tormentor through the streets of Manhattan, catching the attention of a certain wall-crawler. And when all three combatants come together, what occurs is so shocking, so unexpected, it could only happen in the book in which anything can happen!
Ultimate X-Men #97

Story: Aron Coleite
Art: Mark Brooks

"Absolute Power" - part 4

The battle lines of Ultimatum are drawn! Who is the true power behind Banshee? What is their connection to Wolverine and the X-Men? The answers will make the X-Men reconsider everything they've ever believed in! How can one ever be human again after being a god?