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Ultimate Fantastic Four #45

Story: Mike Carey
Art: Pasqual Ferry

"Silver Surfer" - part 4

The FF and The Silver Surfer shrink to sub-atomic size to battle the dreaded Psycho-Man -- who has taken all of Earth's population hostage. But can the fabulous foursome rely on the Surfer to guard their backs when the secrets Norrin Radd keeps hidden in his silvery breast have only begun to come out?
Ultimate Spider-Man #112

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Stuart Immonen

"Death Of A Goblin" - part 1

There is a huge explosion in the side of the Triskelion -- the side housing superhuman criminals. And from the acrid smoke emerges a man seething with vengeance -- a man who wants Peter Parker dead! That man is Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin! And for the web-spinner, things are about to get out of control. All this and the Shocker, too!
Ultimate X-Men #85

Story: Robert Kirkman
Art: Yanick Paquette

"Sentinels" - part 2

The X-Men have only been reformed for mere days, and they're already in the middle of a national crisis. The Sentinels have been reactivated -- mutants are once again hunted and killed like animals. But who's controlling them this time -- and what does it have to do with the newly-formed Mutant Liberation Front?