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The Ultimates 2 #12

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Bryan Hitch

"The Avengers"

The double-sized finale! America strikes back against the Liberators, as ace artist Bryan Hitch draws every single super hero in the Ultimate Universe in combat to free the United States! Plus: the true fate of Thor, the return of the Defenders, and every major plotline from the Ultimates (since its inception) comes together at last. If ever there was a big one you should not miss...Ultimates 2 #12 is it! If you do but one thing with your life: read this comic! And don't forget -- this cataclysmic story leads straight into Ultimates 3 #1, coming soon!
Ultimate Fantastic Four #34

Story: Mike Carey
Art: Pasqual Ferry

"God War" - part 2

You've never witnessed anything like the coming of Gallowglass! A crisis of truly cosmic scale reaches earth in the form of this son of a mad tyrant! From a dark, disfigured world he comes -- a cosmic assassin crushing anything that stands between him and The Seed -- a bizarre and powerful object that just happens to be in the hands of the F.F.'s leader, young Reed Richards. And Gallowglass is getting closer...leaving New York in ruins behind him!
Ultimate Spider-Man #100

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley

"Clone Saga" - part 4

A true milestone for Peter Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man and the Ultimate line -- the double-sized 100th issue celebration! Chock full of secrets that date back to the book's beginning -- finally, chillingly revealed! And there are three mind-staggering shock endings. It's the Spider-Man event of the year with an exclusive look back at the series with Brian Micheal Bendis and Mark Bagley.
Ultimate X-Men #74

Story: Robert Kirkman
Art: Tom Raney

"Magical" - part 3

The X-Men learn once and for all the mystery behind the Magician -- and they may not like what they find. The X-Mansion is the stage for the brawl to end them all, with an outcome you will never guess. Plus -- hints as to the final fate of Jean Grey, leading up to the monumental 75th issue.