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Ultimate Extinction #4

Story: Warren Ellis
Art: Brandon Peterson

As the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards and the X-Men's Professor Xavier frantically search for a last-ditch defense against Gah Lak Tus, the bizarre Silver Surfer is in a life-and-death struggle with Captain America himself! Plus, much more on the mystery of Moondragon...or is it Moondragons?
Ultimate Fantastic Four #29

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Greg Land, Mitch Breitweiser

"President Thor" - part 3

Get the body bags ready--because somebody doesn't make it home! The secret of the Super-Skrull is revealed as we find out what's really been behind Thor's ascendancy to the White House! Meanwhile, it looks like Ben Grimm's last stand, as he tries to save mankind from an alien menace! And on an Earth where all six billion people have a super power--with the exception of poor Ben--is that a curse or a blessing?
Ultimate Spider-Man #93

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley

"Deadpool" - part 3

It's the Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man versus Ultimate Deadpool and his deadly band of Reavers--for all the marbles! And wait'll you see where the battle takes place! Deadpool's identity revealed and the relationship between Peter Parker and young Kitty Pryde hits an important milestone!
Ultimate X-Men #69

Story: Robert Kirkman
Art: Ben Oliver

"Phoenix?" - part 1

Hot artist Ben Oliver joins Kirkman for a new 3-issue arc! The mysterious mutant called Magician is plunged into the world of the X-Men, adjusting quickly and making new friends fast. But there is something deeply sinister about the newcomer. Something only young Kitty Pryde notices. Let's hope she hasn't noticed too late. Meanwhile, is Jean Grey really the cosmic entity called Phoenix? And if so...what can be done about it...?