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The Ultimates 2 #6

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Bryan Hitch

"The Defenders"

The strangest super-team of all makes its Ultimate appearance! With his membership in The Ultimates terminated, Hank Pym makes a bid to become a Defender, joining the storied ranks of such greats as Valkyrie, Nighthawk and Daimon Hellstrom. It's Pym's big chance for redemption. Will he succeed, or only sink lower in the throes of self-pity?
Ultimate Fantastic Four #18

Story: Warren Ellis
Art: Adam Kubert

"N-Zone" - part 6

The FF have come face-to-face with the remaining inhabitants of the N-Zone. Will they make it through meeting Ultimate Annihilus and his fellow survivors? Witness the colossal climax to the concluding chapter of the N-Zone saga!
Ultimate Iron Man #2

Story: Orson Scott Card
Art: Andy Kubert

The second part of the secret origin of Tony Stark, Ultimate Iron Man! A child of science and nature, Tony Stark is not like "normal" kids -- he¹s much more. See the construction of the man and his armor.
Ultimate Spider-Man #77

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley

"Hobgoblin" - part 6

Nick Fury orders S.H.I.E.L.D. to take down the out-of-control Hobgoblin any way they can. Plus, Nick and Spidey have it out and Fury reveals his future plans for an unsuspecting Peter Parker.
Ultimate X-Men #59

Story: Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Stuart Immonen

"Shock And Awe" - part 1

Ultimate Wolverine makes his explosive return! Storm travels to the Great White North to find her missing friend, and the duo soon encounter a terrifying new threat--a classic Marvel villain making his Ultimate debut!