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The Ultimates #11

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Bryan Hitch

"The Art Of War"

The Ultimates are the final line of defense against an alien invasion brewing for decades. But will dissension in the group tear them apart before the final struggle?
Ultimate Adventures #4

Story: Ron Zimmerman
Art: Duncan Fegredo

"One Tin Soldier"

The Ultimates recruit Hawk-Owl & Zippy for the Ultimate War.
Ultimate Spider-Man #43

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley


It's ultimate bedlam as all the female members of the Ultimate X-Men team up with Spidey to defeat the latest addition to the Ultimate rogues' gallery. And if you thought fighting the Green Goblin was hard on Spider-Man, you should see him try to talk to older women.
Ultimate X-Men #35

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: David Finch

"Blockbuster" - part 2

The Ultimates' Black Widow guest-stars as Spider-Man tries to work closely with Wolverine to discover who was behind the near-fatal attack on the X-Man last issue.