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The Ultimates #5

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Bryan Hitch

"Hulk Does Manhattan"

It's widescreen action as the entire team assembles to face their first big adversary -- with catastrophic results. When The Ultimates leap into the fire, injuries abound, things don't quite go as they're planned, and the squad learns what it means to do the most dangerous job in the world.
Ultimate Spider-Man #24

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley


The secret behind Norman Osborn's return. S.H.I.E.L.D super spy Nick Fury explains the deal behind the Green Goblin to Peter Parker.
Ultimate X-Men #20

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Adam Kubert


t's the electric epilogue to the X-Men's World Tour. Due to the events of the World Tour, Professor X is all alone -- and at an all-time low -- in New York City. And while the X-Men fight for their lives elsewhere, the Brotherhood finally gets their act together -- and that's a bad thing for the good guys.