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Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #7

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Bill Sienkiewicz

Last issue the one-man-army named Frank Castle escaped from prison and began his mission to wipe out the men responsible for the death of his family. Now one of the guilty party seeks legal protection from attorney Matt Murdock. But it may only be Murdock's alter ego, the vigilante named Daredevil, who can save his client from the Punisher's wrath - but then again, maybe not. And guess who's caught in the middle? That's right, Spider-Man.
Ultimate Spider-Man #13

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley


A special stand-alone story. Said Bendis: "I have begged the promo people at Mighty Marvel to keep this issue hush-hush. Even giving you a hint at what the topic of this shocking issue is would give it all away. So, just this one time... trust us. We haven't let you down yet, right?"
Ultimate X-Men #9

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Tom Raney

"Return to Weapon X" - part 3: "No Safe Heaven"

While Professor X and his X-Men are "re-educated" in the Weapon X facility, the nation's most dangerous spy is asked to lead a group of Weapon X mutants on a top secret, Third World mission. His name is Nick Fury -- and he's none too comfortable with how the government is treating his super-powered colleagues. But with the interests of the Free World at stake, does he have a choice?