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Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Bill Sienkiewicz

One by one, the evil men that slaughtered Frank Castle's family are being knocked off. Only one guilty guy remains -- and lawyer Matt Murdock has sworn to make him pay through the courts. But it'll take more than police protection to save him from the Punisher -- it'll take the combined power of two of the city's most mysterious masked vigilantes: Daredevil, the Man Without Fear, and the wall-crawling Spider-Man.
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Jim Mahfood

It all starts with a field trip to the world famous Baxter Building, the high-tech headquarters of the fabulous Fantastic Four. Yep, it's just another day in the life of young Peter Parker -- until he accidentally unleashes a Skrull invasion. Now it's up to the inexperienced Spider-Man to cram those awful aliens back into the Negative Zone portal! Hey, perhaps Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and the Thing can lend a hand. This incredible issue also features a look at the offices of Marvel Comics in the Ultimate world.
Ultimate Spider-Man #15

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley


For months he lay in a coma in the depths of a government research facility -- but now Dr. Otto Octavius and his automated arms have escaped incarceration! Does Doc Ock know that Peter and Spider-Man are one and the same? And what trouble are two fellow students also causing the young wall-crawler?
Ultimate X-Men #1/2

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Aaron Lopresti

"Burial Service"
Ultimate X-Men #11

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Adam Kubert

"Return to Weapon X" - part 5: "Sins of the Past"

The X-Men have been fully integrated into the Weapon X Program -- and are at the center of a conspiracy that could plunge the planet into World War III. What is Colonel John Wraith's insane plan -- and why is Professor Charles Xavier the key to it? Meanwhile, the only X-Man who remains free -- the wild card known as Wolverine -- finds an ally in the soldier known as Nick Fury.