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Page from All-New X-Men #35 @ Brian Bendis's Tumblr
2014-12-20 14:09:42

X-Men of two worlds go to... Latveria?
Page from Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #9 @ Brian Bendis's Tumblr
2014-12-20 14:04:41

Here's an early look at next issue of Miles's series.
Marvel Comics solicitations for March 2015 @ Newsarama
2014-12-16 22:15:39

There's only one Ultimate book, but it seems like the characters from the others are in it.
Marvel Mondays: Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man @ Comixology
2014-12-15 06:56:17

Whole, bar Point One issue, first Miles series is for sale today.
Preview: All-New X-Men #34 @ Comic Book Resources
2014-12-12 21:47:33

Young Jean Grey meets her other version. I think the fact it's not the first time this happens to her says everything about what her life has been like lately.
Preview: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #8 @ Comic Book Resources
2014-12-12 21:42:58

The misadventures of the young Davis brothers. Two more pages here.
Preview: All-New Ultimates #11 @ Comic Book Resources
2014-12-06 10:57:06

This series had a fight in a burning church, sewers, now let's do it inside/on a top of a speeding van.