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Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 6 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-29 21:58:53

Recap of the lastest episode that delves into Power Man's past.
Shipping update @ ComicList
2013-07-28 12:45:14

Second half of Hunger will be released later than it was planned to.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 19 @ Marvel
2013-07-27 11:12:30

If you ever wanted to see Doctor Doom doing a Darth Vader impression, now you can.
Preview: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #28 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-26 06:35:00

Hulk cleans up the warlords in Africa.
Schedule of Cataclysm @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-25 10:12:35

In this short interview Mark Paniccia says that five issues Cataclysm will be released over the course of three months. He also mentions the tie-ins, but I have no idea how to interpret that.
EDIT: BTW, summaries of Hunger might not turn up for a while. I need to catch up with 616 stories first.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 5 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-24 18:45:20

CBR and Cort Lane discuss Spidey's space adventure.
Ultimate Spider-Man renewed for 3rd season @ Major Spoilers
2013-07-21 13:54:46

Go to the source for more info on the series from Comic-Con's Marvel Animation Panel.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 18 @ Newsarama
2013-07-20 20:18:32

Guardians of the Galaxy, roll call.
Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand @ Newsarama
2013-07-20 11:04:52

Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand is five-issue mini-series by Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley starting in November (with October's #0.1 as a prologue I guess). For more from Comic-Con's Ultimate Comics panel go here, here, here and here.
Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #28 cover @ Marvel
2013-07-19 07:15:54

Guess that wasn't just a cool cliffhanger...
Free: Spider-Men #1 and The Ultimates 3 #1 @ Comixology
2013-07-17 17:54:33

Marvel offers Spider-Men #1 and The Ultimates 3 #1 free of charge.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 4 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-17 17:52:11

Discussion on last week's episode, a.k.a. the one I forgot to post the preview of.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #25 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-12 07:09:59

Cloak and Dagger wake up and see that nothing will ever be the same.
Marvel Comics solicitations for October 2013 @ Newsarama
2013-07-11 20:07:21

In October, Hunger and story arcs in other titles end to make way for Cataclysm, more on which will be revealed on San Diego Comic-Con's Ultimate Comics panel next week.
X-Position: Brian Wood @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-10 07:08:20

Brian Wood answers a few questions about his run on Ultimate Comics X-Men that comes to an end with October's #33.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 3 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-10 07:06:51

Cort Lane and Joe Kelly talk about how Spider-Man survived a day with Deadpool. Also, descriptions of episodes 16-19 that will air in July. Episode 15 is still unscheduled.
Marvel Mondays: Carnage @ Comixology
2013-07-08 08:54:17

There's a bunch of Carnage-related issues on sale today, among them Ultimate Spider-Man #60-65.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 16 @ Marvel
2013-07-06 17:13:37

Spider-Man meets the greatest hero of them all. Another clip here, interview with episode's writer Joe Kelly here and then there's that...
Preview: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #27 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-07-05 06:41:31

Reed Richards tells the origin of a talking eye on a stick.
Hunger #1 variant cover @ TFAW
2013-07-02 21:50:29

It's by Neal Adams, I think. Also, main cover to Ultimate Comics X-Men #29 was revealed in the series' previous issue, but it was supposed be by Dave Johnson and is by Gabriel Hardman, so maybe there was an artist's change.