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Easter eggs: Ultimate Comics Wolverine #2 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-27 18:10:39

It turns out Sheldon and co. from The Big Bang Theory used to be involved with Project Mothervine.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 2 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-27 18:04:17

Hulk, Thing and Mesmero accompany Spider-Man in his latest adventure.
Axel-In-Charge: Hunger #2 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-21 23:21:13

There's a page from Hunger #2 and some talk about Ultimate universe.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #28 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-21 07:18:26

Welcome to the jungle, soldiers, hope you survive the experience.
Guess who's coming to dinner
2013-06-20 23:03:24

Brian Bendis and Josh Fialkov talk about Hunger, new four-issue mini-series that brings Galactus to Ultimate universe. Coverages here, here and here. Included are covers to issues #1, #2 and #4 by Adi Granov, Leonard Kirk's pages from #1, and that last link has a bonus Q&A session with Fialkov.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 14 @ Marvel
2013-06-20 21:50:57

It's kinda like "Switcheroo" the sequel, but with Hulk instead of Wolverine. Another clip here.
2013-06-18 10:35:47

Age of Ultron #10 is out tomorrow, but it already leaked online. As it sets up upcoming Hunger mini-series, it's revealed now that Hunger seems to occur in Ultimate universe, and if you know that and read solicitations, you'll realize what it is about. If you look for them, you'll find relevant to us pages from Age of Ultron #10 and cover to Hunger #1 in some places.
Midweek sale: #1 and #2s @ Comixology
2013-06-18 07:26:22

Marvel put plenty of #1 and #2s on sale for 99c, among them first two issues of three current Ultimate series and Spider-Men.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 1 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-18 07:23:50

An interview with the cartooon's supervising producer Cort Lane, which seems to be first of new series.
Axel-In-Charge: Ultimate Comics X-Men #29 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-15 12:26:59

Follow the link to see three pages from first part of "World War X" by Alvaro Martinez.
Preview: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #26 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-14 20:43:24

Ultimates vs. Dark Ultimates, assuming they'll actually take that name. One more page is here.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #24 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-14 20:39:38

The origin of Ultimate Cloak & Dagger. More pages here.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 13 @ Marvel
2013-06-14 20:35:35

Ultimate Spider-Man crosses over with Mortal Kombat, but what is weird is that Scorpion is green instead of yellow. Another clip here.
Marvel Comics solicitations for September 2013 @ Newsarama
2013-06-13 21:45:56

Three issues again. Ultimate Comics X-Men will most likely doubleship in October though. And I'm still not convinced by Hunger, even if its solicitation text mentions Chitauri.
Axel-In-Charge: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #26 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-08 10:08:03

Axel Alonso show three pages from Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #26 and says there's something huge planned for Ultimate universe for October.
Ultimate Spider-Man June 2013 episode details @ Comics Continuum
2013-06-08 10:01:02

Description of this month's ive new episodes, and two more clips first two of them.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #27 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-06-07 07:15:35

General Ross vs. Utopia. And yes, that cover was originally solicited for #28. For now I assume that this month's issues of Ultimate Comics X-Men switched their covers.
Disassembly of the Ultimates begins @ Newsarama
2013-06-06 23:03:16

First issue of Ultimate Comics The Ultimates by Josh Fialkov is out and if haven't read it yet, wait with reading this interview.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episodes 11 & 12 @ Marvel
2013-06-05 19:04:13

There are two new episodes this Sunday, starring Iron Man, Juggernaut, Thor and Loki.