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Road to Cataclysm
2013-10-30 23:07:39

Cataclysm starts today, so it's about time to get the summaries up-to-date.

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #30
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 11 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-30 00:05:21

A talk about Sandman's return and other events from the latest episode.
Pages from Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man @ Brian Bendis's Tumblr
2013-10-28 17:35:49

First spread by David Marquez from the mini-series. I'd guess it's from #1, but you never know, especially if he really did it this weekend.
Shipping update @ ComicList
2013-10-27 13:20:50

Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand #2 has been pushed back and will be out on the day #3 was supposed to be. Naturally, #3 will be released later, but at this moment the release date is yet to be determined.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 24 @ Marvel
2013-10-26 17:47:38

Sandman strikes back. And Awesome Andy appears. One more clip here.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Cataclysm #0.1 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-25 07:48:01

Galactus is heading towards Earth and Cataclysm begins. More pages here.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #33 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-25 07:42:09

War between Tian and Utopia is coming to an end.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 10 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-24 20:07:17

Writers discuss their episode in which two enemies teamed-up to fight four villains.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 23 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-20 13:53:15

Late preview showcasing the debut of Iron Patriot.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-18 06:24:35

Spider-Man and friends attack Roxxon, who makes it even more personal.
Marvel Comics solicitations for January 2014 @ Newsarama
2013-10-17 18:11:47

Cataclysm doesn't end in January, it seems.
Free: Ultimate Power #1 @ Comixology
2013-10-17 17:58:20

This week you can get first issue of Ultimate Power by Brian Bendis and Greg Land for free.
Preview: Hunger #4 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-11 06:59:46

The heroes make last stand on Hala before action moves to Earth.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 9 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-08 21:35:11

Let's talk about how Spider-Man spent Halloween.
More from Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 21 @ Newsarama
2013-10-05 11:20:34

Spider-Man, Blade and Howling Commandos meet Dracula. One more clip here, and there are interviews with Terry Crews, the voice of Blade, here, here and here.
Weekend sale: The Ultimates @ Comixology
2013-10-04 07:48:23

You can buy various (not only) Ultimates-related series for one buck an issue throughout the weekend.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #32 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-04 07:44:43

James fights the forces of Tian and meets old friends. More pages here and here.
Free: Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1 @ Comixology
2013-10-01 22:57:54

You can get first issue of Warren Ellis's mini-series for free this week.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, 2nd season, episode 21 @ Marvel
2013-10-01 20:17:34

Spider-Man encounters a half-vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein's monster and a mummy. Here's another clip and here you can get the episode.

EDIT: Concept art from the episode.
EDIT2: And one more clip.
Unmasking Ultimate Spider-Man, part 8 @ Comic Book Resources
2013-10-01 20:10:04

Producer Cort Lane talks about Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America taking on Arcade. There's also an interview with Cap's voice actor.