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Axel-In-Charge: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #10 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-29 16:29:22

Inside you can find pages from Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #10 that weren't shown previously. More here and here.
Mysterio brings together two Spider-Men @ USA Today
2012-04-29 16:22:16

Brian Bendis revealed who the bad guy responsible for two Spider-Men's meeting is.
Marvel Fridays: Ultimate Comics @ Comixology
2012-04-27 09:17:21

There's another 99c-per-issue sale because of The Avengers movie. This time it's all about the big guns, with Ultimate Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man 2, Ultimate Human, Ultimate Comics Thor, Ultimate Comics Captain America and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates, only today on Comixology and Marvel App.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-27 09:10:07

Miles and Aaron have a talk that probably won't end very well. More pages here.
Spider-Men #4 variant cover by Mike Deodato Jr. @ Marvel
2012-04-27 09:05:41

Yet another variant cover for the upcoming mini-series, this time it's for August's Spider-Men #4. The artist also showed a black & white version.
Ultimate Spider-Man May 2012 episode details @ Marvel Animation Age
2012-04-27 09:01:04

Three May episodes of the cartoon feature some exciting guest-stars. Plus, a White Tiger feature.
Spider-Men #5 variant cover by Travis Charest @ Newsarama
2012-04-25 17:10:12

One more variant cover for Spider-Men, but this time it's for the last issue that will be out in September.
Spider-Men #1 variant cover by Humberto Ramos @ iFanboy
2012-04-25 12:43:02

Marvel revealed another variant cover for first issue of Spider-Men, this one's by Amazing Spider-Man artist, Humberto Ramos.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, episode 6 @ Marvel
2012-04-25 12:41:09

Spider-Man and his friends encounter Taskmaster.
Spider-Men #1 variant cover @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-24 08:42:41

Sara Pichelli not only draws the interiors of the mini-series, but also provides a variant cover for every issue. This one comes out on June 13th.
Hasbro unveils Miles Morales action figures @ Comics Alliance
2012-04-24 08:39:29

There are two figures of current Ultimate Spider-Man coming out, courtesy of Hasbro.
Preview: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #9 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-20 07:28:26

Attacked on many fronts, the Ultimates fight back.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, episode 5 @ Marvel
2012-04-17 23:45:04

Iron Spider makes his debut in the cartoon's next episode.

EDIT: Here's another one.
Full Marvel Comics solicitations for July 2012 @ Newsarama
2012-04-16 18:13:10

Other Ultimate solicitations have been unclassified and proper artists attached. It also seems that Kaare Andrews is no longer the line's cover artist.
Ultimate Comics: Divided We Fall @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-15 18:33:00

The summer event in Ultimate Marvel universe is called Divided We Fall. Sam Humphries and Brian Wood outline what's it about, and for other news from C2E2 Ultimate Comics panel go here, here and here.

EDIT: Another interview.
Brian Bendis on Spider-Men in Melbourne @ Bleeding Cool
2012-04-15 14:34:54

The writer doesn't do conventions nowadays, but he decided to show up in Melbourne while (IIRC) on vacation. Bleeding Cool has a report from the panel.

Axel-In-Charge: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-14 11:05:35

Inside you can find preview of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10 and two more pages from Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #10 that weren't shown here. I guess this is also good place to link one more interview with David Marquez.
Ultimate Spider-Man May 2012 episode titles @ Marvel Animation Age
2012-04-14 10:55:26

Episodes 7-9 will be aired next month, and this time the titles are a little more enigmatic.
Marvel Comics solicitations for July 2012 @ Bleeding Cool
2012-04-13 21:54:01

Most of Ultimate ones are classified for now, although it already shows that Ultimate Comics X-Men and Ultimate Comics The Ultimates are part of something at the moment identified only as DWF. Oh, and I wouldn't necessary believe that the creator teams are correct, especially artists. And that Ultimate Comics Spider-Man cover is by Jorge Molina, so that's most likely a variant.
Ultimate crossover in the summer @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-13 13:40:54

More details will probably be revealed on Ultimate Comics panel in Chicago on Sunday, for now it's known that it's about Steve Rogers returning as Captain America and it's going to involve all three titles. More>>
Marvel Fridays: The Ultimates @ Comixology
2012-04-13 07:32:56

Today on Comixology and Marvel App you can buy The Ultimates and The Ultimates 2 for 99c per issue. In case you're wondering why each series has 14 issues, it's because both #13s are split in half.
Marvel comics shipping in July 2012 @ Diamond Comics
2012-04-13 07:24:53

No double shipping this month, so that gives us three issues of ongoing series and Spider-Men #3.
Humphries prepares for ultimate journey @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-11 23:25:40

Sam Humphries talks about his run on Ultimate Comics The Ultimates that starts next month.
More info on Spider-Men @ Marvel
2012-04-11 23:19:03

Comic shop variant cover for Spider-Men #1 in the source, and more details on the story inside here and here.

EDIT: One more interview.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, episode 4 @ Marvel
2012-04-11 22:51:11

Spider-Men revealed @ New York Daily News
2012-04-11 12:53:44

The five-issue mini-series that starts in June will showcase a meeting between Peter Parker from original Marvel universe and Miles Morales, current Ultimate Spider-Man.

EDIT: Interview with Axel Alonso on the matter. Also check out this article.
Marvel Mondays: Ultimate Comics Hawkeye @ Comixology
2012-04-09 11:21:18

Avengers is coming to the cinemas, so Marvel offers issues of series starring Hawkeye and Black Widow, among them Ultimate Comics Hawkeye, for 99c on Comixology and Marvel App, today only.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #10 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-06 06:37:49

The revolution in Camp Angel continues and it doesn't look well for its guards.
Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man, episode 3 @ Marvel
2012-04-04 20:41:48

Spider-Man vs. Nova in their training session from the cartoon's next episode.
Marquez swings with Miles Morales @ Comic Book Resources
2012-04-02 23:47:55

Another interview with David Marquez, in which he says among other things that his first arc will be three issues long.

EDIT: And another one.