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Ultimate Comics X-Men #7 variant cover @ TFAW
2012-01-26 21:52:07

Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 @ Newsarama
2012-01-25 19:55:22

Four unlettered pages by Chris Samnee from next month's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7.
Free: Ultimate Comics X #1
2012-01-25 09:41:19

This week you can get first issue of Jeph Loeb and Art Adams' series for free on Marvel Comics on Chrome and their apps for mobile devices.
David Marquez to draw Ultimate Comics Spider-Man @ David Marquez's Twitter
2012-01-24 22:10:43

Seeing it today in solicitations was a bit of surprise, but, yeah, the artist will join Brian Bendis for an arc Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, starting with April's #9. We're also not supposed to be worry about Sara Pichelli. Well, there is talk about mysterious project from Bendis, that is supposedly set in Ultimate universe.
Creators of Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon tie-in revealed @ Comic Book Resources
2012-01-24 22:06:21

Marvel officially announced that the all-ages comic book will be written by the members of Man Of Action (who also work on the scripts for the cartoon), Dan Slott and Ty Templeton, with art by Nuno Plati.
Marvel Comics solicitations for April 2012 @ Bleeding Cool
2012-01-21 11:54:23

You can find them on Midtown Comics website, but luckily Bleeding Cool did the legwork and compiled them in an article that will most likely last longer than few months. Observant people will also find the thumbnails of the covers on the shop's website. EDIT: Officially released now. Apparently a David Marquez is drawing Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9.
Marvel comics shipping in April 2012 @ Diamond Comics
2012-01-20 08:01:54

There will be only issues of three ongoing series in April, one of each, and Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures #1, which I guess is that cartoon tie-in I posted about last month.
Preview: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #6 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-01-19 21:45:25

Falcon meets his old acquaintance in the City of The Children of Tomorrow.
Hickman confronts tomorrow in Ultimate Comics The Ultimates @ Comic Book Resources
2012-01-17 06:33:13

Jonathan Hickman discusses the shape of the book in its upcoming issues.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-01-13 07:05:40

Miles takes the new costume out for a spin, Chris Samnee starts his arc.
Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon in April @ Comic Book Resources
2012-01-10 00:16:55

The animated version of Ultimate Spider-Man will be a part of Marvel programming block on Disney XD, starting April 1st.
Axel-In-Charge: Ultimate Comics in 2012 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-01-07 00:00:13

Axel Alonso talks about how Ultimate series will start connecting with each other this year, which might include an event, and shows pages from next month's issues.
Ultimate Comics won't be polybagged @ ComicList
2012-01-06 13:15:28

Starting with next story arcs, Ultimate Comics will include digital code that will get you a free digital copy of the issue, but they won't be polybagged as solicited: the codes will be put on stickers applied to their last pages. Oh, and Marc Silvestri will draw variant cover to Ultimate Comics X-Men #7.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #6 @ Comic Book Resources
2012-01-06 09:39:04

It's X-Men vs. Nimrods in the last issue of this story arc.