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Ultimate Comics Avengers: The Next Generation, part 2
2011-05-31 06:36:09

Ultimate Comics Avengers: The Next Generation, part 1
2011-05-28 12:24:20

Preview: Ultimate Comics X #5 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-05-24 15:59:22

Sabretooth fights Wolverine's son in Jeph Loeb and Art Adams' last issue.
New feature alert
2011-05-22 20:26:43

I'll do post-Ultimatum series first, starting with Ultimate Comics Armor Wars, and after I catch up with current issues, I'll go back to the beginning.
Marvel Comics solicitations for August 2011 @ Newsarama
2011-05-17 18:28:41

Ultimate Comics Fallout ends and new series begin.
Kaare Andrews covers Marvel's Ultimate relaunch @ Comic Book Resources
2011-05-17 17:41:17

First (and maybe next ones, too) issues of new Ultimate titles will have covers provided by one artist.
Bryan Hitch on Ultimate Comics Fallout @ MillarWorld
2011-05-13 15:09:32

We've already seen his pages (and cover, too) from second issue of the miniseries. Now the artist mentions that those are from "a seven pager written by [Jonathan] Hickman". I suppose then that Ultimate Comics Fallout may be an antology of shorter stories, each focusing on different characters.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates #4 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-05-13 06:38:56

With Spider-Man shot, Ultimates and Avengers cease fighting... but only for a moment.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-05-12 18:50:15

After over a month of waiting "Death of Spider-Man" continues with Human Torch and Iceman taking on Sinister Five.
Paniccia oversees an Ultimate rebirth @ Comic Book Resources
2011-05-12 06:56:50

Editor Mark Paniccia talks a little about new titles and shows art from Ultimate Comics Fallout and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye.
Shipping update @ ComicList
2011-05-07 09:29:49

Ultimate Comics X #5 is delayed again. Also, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 Mark Bagley Spoiler Variant will be out a week later than other variants of this issue.
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli in September
2011-05-05 21:19:26

New ongoing series, more details coming up throughout next hour here, here and here.
Variant covers for Ultimate Comics Fallout @ Comic Book Resources
2011-05-05 21:16:22

Along with this week's last announcement, Marvel revealed another of those superb Marko Djurdjevic's posters that will be used as variant covers for six issues of Ultimate Comics Fallout.
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye by Jonathan Hickman and Rafa Sandoval in August
2011-05-04 21:15:42

Four issue mini-series, more details coming up throughout next hour here, here and here.
Ultimate Comics X-Men by Nick Spencer and Paco Medina in September
2011-05-03 18:10:50

New ongoing series, more details coming up throughout next hour here, here and here. Also, tomorrow's announcement will be about a solo title for a character who didn't have one before (ongoing or otherwise).
Ultimate Comics Fallout #2 cover @ Comic Book Resources
2011-05-03 18:09:25

Along with annoucement of new series, Marvel released Bryan Hitch's cover for Ultimate Comics Fallout #2.
Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic in August
2011-05-02 21:12:47

New ongoing series, more details coming up throughout next hour here, here and here.