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Ultimate Comics liveblogs @ Marvel
2011-04-30 09:50:23

Marvel will be making post-"Death of Spider-Man" announcements and interviewing creators on their website throughout next week.
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 variant cover @ Comic Book Resources
2011-04-27 13:23:39

Ben Parker will show up on one of the covers for last part of "Death of Spider-Man", courtesy of Joe Quesada.
Shipping update @ Diamond Comics
2011-04-26 15:03:48

Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates #5 will be out two weeks later than announced.
New look for Ultimate Spider-Man @ Comic Book Resources
2011-04-18 14:25:29

Spoilers for future issues obviously, so consider yourselves warned.
Talk To The Hat @ Comic Book Resources
2011-04-16 11:06:44

Tom Brevoort talks a bit about coordinating "Death Of Spider-Man" and shows pages from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158 and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates #4.
Chris Samnee explains upside down Spider-Man logo @ iFanboy
2011-04-13 00:21:30

If you noticed that something was wrong with our hero's emblem in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #155 and wondered what's the deal, well, wonder no more.
Marvel unveils Death of Spider-Man polybags @ Marvel
2011-04-12 21:26:16

Remember that Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160, what now looks like the last issue of the series, will come out in polybag? Here it is, with its own variant.
Marvel Comics solicitations for July 2011 @ Newsarama
2011-04-12 21:10:43

After "Death Of Spider-Man" comes Ultimate Comics Fallout.
Shipping update @ Diamond Comics
2011-04-12 15:01:49

Next month's issues got delayed by a week.
This week's Death Of Spider-Man issues have sold out at distributor level @ Bleeding Cool
2011-04-11 15:20:30

And that may mean that something really huge is supposed to happen in them.
Cup O' Video from WonderCon @ Comic Book Resources
2011-04-09 00:31:15

Asked about Ultimate Universe post-"Death Of Spider-Man", Joe Quesada said that it is definitely not ending and will continue doing stuff that cannot happen in regular Marvel universe.
Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates #6 cover @ Bleeding Cool
2011-04-08 11:01:39

Ah, when I was The Clairvoyant, I was doing it with more subtlety. Anyway, here's direct link for those who don't want to wait for other images to load.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #157 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-04-08 07:57:03

It seems like Sinister Six will become Sinister Five, doesn't it?
Preview: Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates #3 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-04-08 07:55:34

Punisher makes the shot that changes everything.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Captain America #4 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-04-01 08:21:44

Leave it to Cap to find some really hardcore way to escape.