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Marvel Mondays: Ultimate Gah-Lak-Tus @ Comixology
2011-10-31 17:32:12

If you're into digital comics, you can get 14 issues of Warren Ellis's story about Gah-Lak-Tus coming to Ultimate Marvel's Earth for 99 cents each, today only.
Marvel Comics solicitations for January 2012 @ Newsarama
2011-10-22 00:03:59

Marvel has released January's solicitations, although they forgot to mention who's the artist of Ultimate Comics The Ultimates (I assume Jonathan Hickman is still the writer). I'll fill the gap as soon as I find out.

EDIT: According to Hickman, it's Brandon Peterson.
Marvel comics shipping in January 2012 @ Diamond Comics
2011-10-21 06:40:59

Only three issues in the first month of the new year, one in each series. You can find the covers here.
Preview: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #3 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-10-20 21:59:10

After the encounter with Children of Tomorrow Thor is depowered and down, but not out.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #3 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-10-18 22:43:14

Stryker and Purifiers go on with their crusade against mutants... and is that Ultimate Maggott?
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-10-17 22:07:36

Miles finally dons the suit, although it's not the new one yet. And he isn't the only Spider-person that appears in this issue.
Ultimate Spider-Man animated series info @ Comics Continuum
2011-10-17 22:05:06

It's more like a summary of what is known so far, but the bit about "Iron Man and Spidey sharing a season-long arc" is new, at least to me.
NYCC: Ultimate Comics @ Comic Book Resources
2011-10-14 23:15:20

Editors and artists of Ultimate Comics met with fans at New York Comic Con.
This week's issues sell out @ ComicList
2011-10-14 11:02:45

Second printings of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 and Ultimate Comics X-Men #2 will be released on November 16th. Also, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6 has been removed from this month's Marvel Previews and will be solicited in the next month's issue, which confirms it will be out in January, for those who still doubted it.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #3 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-10-14 06:56:24

Hawkeye and X attack the floating cities of the People.
Preview: Ultimate Comics X-Men #2 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-10-07 06:48:26

While X-Men try to save their friend, a familiar villain enters the picture.
Artist update @ ComicList
2011-10-07 06:43:26

Brandon Peterson will replace Esad Ribic on art duties in December's Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #5.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-10-06 20:19:37

Miles starts doing heroic deeds, although without a costume yet.