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Marvel unveils McGuinness "Death Of Spider-Man" variant @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-31 22:32:25

It's for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #157 and it kind of speaks for itself.
Death Of Spider-Man checklist
2011-01-29 22:42:42

On Wednesday, Marvel released a flyer for "Death Of Spider-Man" with list of comics taking part in the event. More>>
Preview: Ultimate Comics Thor #4 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-28 07:48:13

Last chapter of the story of Thor's past.
Preview: Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-28 07:40:04

Ultimates fight the reborn Thor.
Shipping update @ Diamond Comics
2011-01-25 22:11:12

Ultimate Comics X #4 has been delayed again, unfortunately.
Ultimate Comics' solicitations
2011-01-22 15:28:04

It took me better part of the week, but it's finally ready: all Ultimate solicitations, with up-to-date release dates, can be found here.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #152 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-21 07:53:18

Spider-Man gets to be trained by Iron Man.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Doom #2 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-21 07:51:48

Will Sue Storm survive and stop her ex-boyfriend?
Preview: Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #6 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-21 07:50:38

Avengers' fight with vampires reaches the end.
First look: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #153 @ Marvel
2011-01-20 20:42:42

Pages from first of two February's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man issues.
Marvel Comics solicitations for April, 2010 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-18 21:11:25

There will be three Ultimate Comics in April, plus delayed Ultimate Comics X #5 which for now is also scheduled for that month.
Bendis plots the "Death of Spider-Man" @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-18 06:36:52

The writer talks about upcoming storylines, plus first pages from Mark Bagley's first Ultimate Comics Spider-Man issue.
Death Of Spider-Man's April Covers @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-14 19:24:29

Marvel revealed covers to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #157 and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates #3. Full April solicitations should turn up on Tuesday.
Advance preview: Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-06 00:34:17

Two super-groups clash on February 9th, by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu.
Mark Bagley talks about Ultimate Comics Spider-Man @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-04 06:54:35

The artist discusses his return to the title for eight issues, starting with #156.
Frank Cho finishes Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5 @ Apes And Babes
2011-01-03 19:46:22

Last issue of the mini-series should be out on February 2nd.

You can find more Frank Cho's art from Ultimate Comics New Ultimates on his website.
Preview: Ultimate Comics Captain America #1 @ Comic Book Resources
2011-01-01 18:41:24

First issue of new mini-series. Also, first Ultimate comic of 2011.
The Beginning
2011-01-01 18:26:14

I'm still not sure if this actually turns up the way I want it to, but here it goes... More>>